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Plan, select and use appropriate IT systems and software for different purposes.  

Lesson 1.1.1

Describe the purpose for using IT.

Lesson 1.1.2

Describe the methods, skills and resources required to complete the task successfully.

Lesson 1.1.3

Plan how to carry out the task using IT to achieve the required purpose and outcome.

Lesson 1.1.4

Describe any factors that may affect the task.

Lesson 1.1.5

Select and use IT systems and software applications to complete planned tasks and produce effective outcomes.

Lesson 1.1.6

Describe how the purpose and outcomes have been met by the chosen IT systems and software applications.

Lesson 1.1.7

Describe any legal or local guidelines or constraints that may apply to the task or activity.
Review and adapt the ongoing use of IT tools and systems to make sure that activities are successful.  

Lesson 1.2.1

Review ongoing use of IT tools and techniques and change the approach as needed.

Lesson 1.2.2

Describe whether the IT tools selected were appropriate for the task and purpose.

Lesson 1.2.3

Assess strengths and weaknesses of final work.
Lesson 1.2.4 Describe ways to make further improvements to work.
Lesson 1.2.5 Review outcomes to make sure they match requirements and are fit for purpose.

Develop and test solutions to improve the ongoing use of IT tools and systems.

Lesson 1.3.1 Review the benefits and drawbacks of IT tools and systems used, in terms of productivity and efficiency.
Lesson 1.3.2 Describe ways to improve productivity and efficiency.
Lesson 1.3.3 Develop solutions to improve own productivity in using IT.
Lesson 1.3.4 Test solutions to ensure that they work as intended.



Multiple choice test 1

Test your knowledge of this module.

Multiple choice test 2

Test your knowledge of this module.

Multiple choice test 3 Test your knowledge of this module.

Practical Test

On completion of this course we recommend that you take a practical test to assess your knowledge of Improving Productivity Using IT.



Glossary of terms.

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